Salon & Beauty Insurance

We assure the provision of superior insurance coverage and continued customer support, backed by our extensive expertise spanning several decades in the salon and beauty industry

Why Choose Us

Our devoted team ensures your livelihood and reputation are safeguarded. Our salon and beauty liability insurance, supported by leading UK insurers, provides thorough coverage for your peace of mind.

What We Cover

Beauty Salon Insurance

Providing essential coverage for salon owners, protecting their businesses

Mobile Beauty Insurance

Mobile beauty insurance provides essential coverage for freelance beauty professionals

Rent a Chair Insurance

Providing coverage for independent beauticians who lease salon space

Advanced Treatments Insurance

Teeth Whitening Insurance

Designed to enhance your pearly whites

Laser Treatment Insurance

Utilising focused light to address various skin concerns

Microepidermal Insurance

Advanced technology to rejuvenate and improve the skin's texture through precise and controlled exfoliation.

DermaPen Insurance

A device to stimulate collagen production and improve skin texture

Microblading Insurance

Meticulous application of semi-permanent pigments to enhance and shape eyebrows

Advanced IPL Insurance

Employing intense pulsed light to target and rejuvenate skin


You can get a quote effortlessly by completing our user-friendly online quote form or by clicking any of the “get a quote” buttons conveniently located throughout our website.

It’s challenging to find an insurance company willing to specify precisely how much coverage you need, primarily due to liability concerns. The onus of ensuring adequate coverage largely rests with you, though our supportive advisors are available to assist in discussing your options and guiding you through cost considerations. Occasionally, your profession may dictate the required coverage amount. Alternatively, industry organisations and professional bodies often provide valuable advice for exploring alternative options.

From basic public liability coverage to comprehensive policies that include additional protections like property damage and stock cover, we have everything you need. Simplify the process by selecting all your insurance options in one quote form. With just one policy, you’ll have less paperwork to manage, leaving you with more time to focus on your business’s priorities.

If you provide services outside of your salon or at clients’ homes, you’ll be covered as long as you choose the “working away” option when completing our online quote form.

In your policy documentation, you’ll find all contact information 

We partner with top-rated UK-based insurers, ensuring that we only select from the finest options to provide you with the highest quality insurance available.